When you find a tree in your lawn either dead or dying, then it could fall on your home at any time. You must contact a tree care expert, more particularly an arborist, for support. The earlier you act, the faster you’ll find a solution to the problem. It also means you’ll spend less money to have the tree removed. 

When it comes to tree removal, only a professional can do it. In some situations, a crane might be needed to safely take that tree out of your property. Hire the experts in tree service Chesterfield to help you in removing problem trees in your yard. Here are just a few explanations of why dead trees must be eliminated at once:  

1. Dead trees are a haven for pests.  

There’s no doubt that dead trees are a magnet to wildlife, like rodents, to build their nest in there. The dead tree could also draw in termites and certain bird species. These pests may be invading your tree now. But sooner, they’ll be inside your home, too. 

2. Dead trees are unattractive.  

Nobody wants to look at a dead tree. Dead trees are not aesthetic at all. Since they’re not pleasing to the eye, they are pulling the market value of your property down. Spending money on the other parts of your yard becomes useless if you have a dead tree around. The stunning appearance of your otherwise well-manicured lawn is offset by the dead tree. 

3. Some tree diseases are infectious.  

If the tree has died due to a disease or infection, then the other plants in your lawn may be affected too. You must act fast to ensure that the disease won’t spread and that your other tree won’t suffer the same disease. This is going to be a big problem if you have several trees in your yard.  

4. There’s the risk of falling branches.  

Dead trees can no longer support itself. Therefore, some or all its branches may fall at any time. It may not seem like it will fall now, but it most probably would in the next storm. A branch may also break and fall on a windy day, thereby causing damage to your home or neighbor’s property. It may also hurt people and animals. 

5. Dead trees are likely to fall.  

Dead trees are decomposing by the day. It means that their strength and stability is compromised. Once a tree falls, the only expected result is harm. As the property owner, it is your responsibility to remove any hazard on your property. 

These are just a few reasons why tree service providers would recommend that you remove a tree. But then again, that’s not a call for you to make. If you think that your tree is dying, it’s best that you call an arborist to have it assessed. After careful observation, he or she will decide that the tree can no longer be restored, and the only option left is to have it removed. That’s when you put the tree removal plan into action.